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1. Exam upon Presentation for Medical Care Primary  
By a specialist - on medical indications
  • By a specialist with academic rank  
  • 2. Follow-up Exam (Secondary)   
    3. Urgent Medical Care  
    4. Advice and Consultations, Over the Phone Inclusive   
    By a specialist of UHIF "Doverie" AD
  • 5. Dispensary Monitoring of a Patient with Chronic Disease   
    By a specialist
  • 6. Clinical Laboratory Tests (Ordered by a Specialist   
    Haematology, biochemistry, microbiology, cytology (with the exception of hormonal tests, tumor markers, immunological tests, and virological tests)
  • Hormonal tests, tumor markers, immunological tests, and virological tests  
  • 7. Clinical Instrumental Investigations without Contrast (Ordered by a Specialist)   
    Functional, ultrasonic, x-ray investigations (with the exception of Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and radioisotope investigations)
  • Computed Tomography, angiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, radioisotope investigations)  
  • 8. Procedures (Ordered by a Physician)   
    Dressings, immobilizations, injections, taps, venous anaesthesia, etc.
  • Ambulatory procedures and surgical operations.
  • 9. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Ordered by a Specialist)  
  • 10. Medical Expertise of Temporary Work Incapacity
  • 11. Pregnant Woman Monitoring - 500.00 lv. Limit on a basis of COST REIMBURSEMENT  

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